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USN-424-1: PHP vulnerabilities

22 February 2007

PHP vulnerabilities



Multiple buffer overflows have been discovered in various PHP modules.
If a PHP application processes untrusted data with functions of the
session or zip module, or various string functions, a remote attacker
could exploit this to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of
the web server. (CVE-2007-0906)

The sapi_header_op() function had a buffer underflow that could be
exploited to crash the PHP interpreter. (CVE-2007-0907)

The wddx unserialization handler did not correctly check for some
buffer boundaries and had an uninitialized variable. By unserializing
untrusted data, this could be exploited to expose memory regions that
were not meant to be accessible. Depending on the PHP application this
could lead to disclosure of potentially sensitive information.

On 64 bit systems (the amd64 and sparc platforms), various print
functions and the odbc_result_all() were susceptible to a format
string vulnerability. A remote attacker could exploit this to execute
arbitrary code with the privileges of the web server. (CVE-2007-0909)

Under certain circumstances it was possible to overwrite superglobal
variables (like the HTTP GET/POST arrays) with crafted session data.

When unserializing untrusted data on 64-bit platforms the
zend_hash_init() function could be forced to enter an infinite loop,
consuming CPU resources, for a limited length of time, until the
script timeout alarm aborts the script. (CVE-2007-0988)

Update instructions

The problem can be corrected by updating your system to the following package versions:

Ubuntu 6.10
  • php5-cli - 5.1.6-1ubuntu2.2
  • php5-cgi - 5.1.6-1ubuntu2.2
  • libapache2-mod-php5 - 5.1.6-1ubuntu2.2
  • php5-common - 5.1.6-1ubuntu2.2
  • php5-odbc - 5.1.6-1ubuntu2.2
Ubuntu 6.06
  • php5-cli - 5.1.2-1ubuntu3.5
  • php5-cgi - 5.1.2-1ubuntu3.5
  • libapache2-mod-php5 - 5.1.2-1ubuntu3.5
  • php5-common - 5.1.2-1ubuntu3.5
  • php5-odbc - 5.1.2-1ubuntu3.5
Ubuntu 5.10
  • php5-cli - 5.0.5-2ubuntu1.7
  • php5-cgi - 5.0.5-2ubuntu1.7
  • libapache2-mod-php5 - 5.0.5-2ubuntu1.7
  • php5-common - 5.0.5-2ubuntu1.7
  • php5-odbc - 5.0.5-2ubuntu1.7

After a standard system upgrade you need to restart Apache or reboot
your computer to effect the necessary changes.