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LSN-0071-1: Kernel Live Patch Security Notice

10 September 2020

Several security issues were fixed in the kernel.


Software Description

  • aws - Linux kernel for Amazon Web Services (AWS) systems - (>= 4.15.0-1054)
  • generic-4.15 - Linux kernel - (>= 4.15.0-69)
  • lowlatency-4.15 - Linux kernel - (>= 4.15.0-69)
  • oem - Linux kernel for OEM systems - (>= 4.15.0-1063)


Or Cohen discovered that the AF_PACKET implementation in the Linux kernel
did not properly perform bounds checking in some situations. A local
attacker could use this to cause a denial of service (system crash) or
possibly execute arbitrary code. (CVE-2020-14386)

Checking update status

The problem can be corrected in these Livepatch versions:

Kernel type 18.04
aws 71.1
generic-4.15 71.1
lowlatency-4.15 71.1
oem 71.1

To check your kernel type and Livepatch version, enter this command:

canonical-livepatch status