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Published: 18 December 2018

A NULL pointer dereference was discovered in ifilter_bank of libfaad/filtbank.c in Freeware Advanced Audio Decoder 2 (FAAD2) 2.8.8. The vulnerability causes a segmentation fault and application crash, which leads to denial of service because adding to windowed output is mishandled in the LONG_START_SEQUENCE case.

From the Ubuntu security team

It was discovered that Freeware Advanced Audio Decoder 2 incorrectly handled implicit channel mapping reconfiguration when processing crafted AAC files. An attacker could possibly use this issue to cause a denial of service.


same underlying issue as CVE-2018-20362, same fix


CVSS 3 base score: 5.5


Package Release Status
Launchpad, Ubuntu, Debian
bionic Needed

cosmic Ignored
(reached end-of-life)
disco Ignored
(reached end-of-life)
eoan Not vulnerable
focal Not vulnerable
groovy Not vulnerable
hirsute Not vulnerable
impish Not vulnerable
jammy Not vulnerable
precise Does not exist

trusty Does not exist
(trusty was needs-triage)
upstream Needs triage

xenial Ignored
(end of standard support, was needed)