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Ubuntu Masters are IT practitioners who are driving revolutionary change in the corporate space. Watch videos from our first Ubuntu Masters Conference, featuring these inspiring doers to hear how they are solving complex industry-wide challenges.

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The Ubuntu Masters community

Changing the technology world together, the Ubuntu Masters Community is a platform for Ubuntu users to share their solutions on a global scale for the mutual benefit of the IT community. Leverage the knowledge from these experts to improve the security, performance, design and efficiency of your environment.

Our first Ubuntu Masters Conference took place at the NVIDIA campus in California this October 2019. More events are being planned to help support idea-sharing within the community. You can rely on one event per quarter and monthly topics from the Masters.

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Extended BPF: A new way to understand software

Brendan Gregg, Netflix
Senior Performance Architect

BPF changes a long-standing model of operating systems, adding a new interface that exists in parallel to syscalls and is used by new kernel-mode applications. The result is optimal capacity planning, security analysis and performance wins.

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Scaling and delivering applications with high performance and low friction

Joe Sandoval, Adobe Ad Platform
Site Reliability Engineering Manager

How do you support a diverse infrastructure that spans six data centres, three continents and the public cloud? Adobe uses open-source technologies, including Ubuntu, Kubernetes and OpenStack, to craft a feature-rich platform that developers can build on to best serve their customers.

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Migration path to Linux container orchestration on Ubuntu

Rob Cameron, Roblox
Technical Director for Cloud Services

Roblox moved its game servers from Windows to Linux to reduce costs and create a better player experience. The work included the migration to containerised workloads (approximately 200k) in a very short timeframe. The infrastructure capabilities found with MAAS and Ubuntu with an updated kernel were two of the components that contributed to success as part of the path to full orchestration.

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