Managed Apache Kafka

Now running Kafka 2.5

Unlimited data streaming with fully managed Kafka anywhere, on-prem and multi-cloud environments.

Deploy Kafka easily and with agility, and conserve your teams’ resources from ongoing deployments and operations.

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Upstream Kafka on-rails, fully automated and integrated into your infrastructure.

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Key Features


  • Kafka ACLS data-plane authorisation
  • Encrypted client-broker transfer with TLS
  • Data security assurance — SOC2 and ISO27001/2


  • Direct host access and IP visibility
  • Open source Kafka Connector
  • Access to Kafka REST Proxy


  • 99.99% SLA, high availability by default
  • Load balancing and data replication
  • Support in deploying Schema Registry


  • Kafka experts provide 24/7 management
  • Schedule updates to downtime windows
  • Web-based dashboard of key health metrics

Kafka can be challenging. Learn how we simplify it.

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Kafka on any kubernetes,
any cloud and at any scale

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App information

Versions managed Kafka 2.3 by default
We can support your specific version — contact us.
Zookeeper Fully supported and managed

Cloud architecture

Kubernetes Any conformant Kubernetes (Charmed Kubernetes, RKE, OpenShift, AKS, EKS, GKE and more)
Public Clouds AWS, Azure and GCP
Data Center Regions Single or multiple supported
Data Centre Availability Zones Single or multiple supported
On-premise Any OpenStack, bare metal and key third-party providers such as VMWare.
We can support your specific cloud provider - contact us.
Hybrid-cloud Persistent streaming between all cloud types and management across all
Multi-cloud Persistent streaming between all cloud types and management across all


High Availability Yes, minimum of 3 replications to ensure availability and consensus
Number of partitions No limits — we will implement and manage the optimal number of partitions for your configuration
Number of replications No limits — we will implement and manage the optimal number of replications for your configuration
Throughput No limits — we will support any throughput your cloud can achieve
Node size No restrictions on the size of the node
Latency Managed Kafka will match the latency your cloud can achieve
KSQL KSQL can integrate with Managed Kafka

App Operations

Updates All future updates included
Managed updates Schedule updates during specific time windows to minimize downtime
New nodes On-request
Load balancing Automatic load balancing by default
Schema Registry deployment Yes, support in deploying your organisation's Schema Registry
Metrics and Visualisation Yes, Managed Kafka includes Graylog, Prometheus and Grafana monitoring and dashboard tools, to ensure transparency and visibility on all vital metrics


Connectors Yes, open source Kafka Connectors for applications
REST API Yes, administrate Kafka without accessing the underlying Kafka client
Direct Hostname and IP visibility, to connect with your other cloud infrastructure

Security and reliability

Security Patches Yes. Canonical provides all security patches.
Kernel Kernel Livepatch
24/7 Monitoring Yes — Canonical’s Kafka experts cover all geographic regions and time-zones
Break/Fix response Yes
SLA Yes, 99.9% up-time.
We can support your specific requirements - contact us.
ISO270001/2 certified Yes
SOC2 Type 2 certified Yes
GDPR Compliance tested Yes

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Optimise your open source

Regain focus

  • You drive the business, we maintain the apps
  • Put DevOps on-rails with high quality foundation
  • Expand globally without needing a global team

Reliable and robust

  • Reduce human-error
  • Automated response to common issues
  • Managed by app specific experts

Predictable pricing

  • Per-machine price
  • Multiple portfolio apps, no extra cost
  • Unlimited usage
  • Transfer management back on request

Open source, simplified

  • Bring your own cloud
  • Use the latest open source without hiring delays
  • Offload the resource intensive stuff to our specialist team
  • Accelerate to market with our experienced support

Managed Kafka - Pricing

We manage applications at both the host and the guest level. All prices are dependent on current cloud architecture and requirements.

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  Per VM Per Host
Managed Applications on public clouds, VMware, OpenStack or Kubernetes $2,447 $5,513*
Managed Applications on bare metal   $7,470

* On a VMware, OpenStack or Kubernetes cluster, managed applications on VMs or Containers can be priced per compute host in the cluster as long as the entire cluster is covered.

Plan and optimise your Kafka deployment

Watch this webinar to understand the key design decisions in creating a resilient and secure Kafka streaming pipeline, and options to achieve operations at scale.

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