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Components of Charmed Kubernetes 1.26

This page details the charms, snaps, images and other components which comprise the 1.26 release of Charmed Kubernetes.

Other information about this release can be found on the following pages:

Release notes Upgrading Bugs Source Milestone

What's new

For a list of new features, changes, deprecations, and bug fixes in this release, please see the Release notes.

Core charms

These charms are the core components or official optional components of the release. These charms are maintained by the Charmed Kubernetes team.

charm summary source docs bugs
calico A robust Software Defined Network from Project Calico source docs bugs
containerd Containerd container runtime subordinate source docs bugs
easyrsa Deploys and manages EasyRSA to create a Certificate Authority (CA) source docs bugs
etcd Deploy a TLS terminated ETCD Cluster source docs bugs
kubeapi-load-balancer Nginx Load Balancer source docs bugs
kubernetes-control-plane The Kubernetes control plane source docs bugs
kubernetes-worker The workload bearing units of a kubernetes cluster source docs bugs

CNI charms

These are the CNI charms also supported by Charmed Kubernetes (Calico is the default CNI and is included in the core charms above)

charm summary source docs bugs
calico A robust Software Defined Network from Project Calico source docs bugs
canal A Software Defined Network based on Flannel and Calico source docs bugs
flannel A charm that provides a robust Software Defined Network source docs bugs
kube-ovn A Software Defined Network based on Kube-OVN source docs bugs
multus a CNI plugin for attaching multiple network interfaces source docs bugs
sriov-cni Attach SR-IOV Virtual Functions (VFs) directly to pods source docs bugs
sriov-network-device-plugin Enable SR-IOV support source docs bugs
tigera-secure-ee Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition source docs bugs

Integrator charms

These charms provide cloud integration for Charmed Kubernetes (e.g. for running native loadbalancers and storage).

charm summary source docs bugs
aws-integrator Charm to enable AWS integrations via Juju relations. source docs bugs
aws-k8s-storage Charm which enables out-of-tree AWS storage for Charmed Kubernetes. source docs bugs
azure-cloud-provider Charm which enables Azure out-of-tree integrations for Charmed Kubernetes source docs bugs
azure-integrator Charm which enables Azure integrations for Juju source docs bugs
gcp-integrator Charm which enables Google GCP integrations for Juju source docs bugs
gcp-k8s-storage Charm which enables out-of-tree GCP storage for Charmed Kubernetes. source docs bugs
openstack-integrator Charm which enables OpenStack integrations for Juju source docs bugs
vsphere-cloud-provider Charm which enables vSphere out of tree provider for Juju source docs bugs
vsphere-integrator Charm which enables vSphere integrations for Juju source docs bugs

Additional charms

These charms are also maintained and supported by the Charmed Kubernetes team to provide extra features for your K8s cluster.

charm summary source docs bugs
aws-iam source docs bugs
ceph-csi Deploys Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugin that

enables Charmed Kubernetes to use ceph as a storage backend. | source | docs | bugs | | coredns | The CoreDNS domain name service provider | source | docs | bugs | | docker-registry | Registry for docker images | source | docs | bugs | | gatekeeper-audit | Audit charm for Gatekeeper audit | source | docs | bugs | | gatekeeper-controller-manager | Controller charm for Gatekeeper | source | docs | bugs | | kata | Kata untrusted container runtime subordinate | source | docs | bugs | | keepalived | Failover and monitoring daemon for LVS clusters | source | docs | bugs | | kube-state-metrics | a service that listens to the Kubernetes API and generates metrics | source | docs | bugs | | kubernetes-autoscaler | automatically scales up and down a kubernetes cluster | source | docs | bugs | | kubernetes-e2e | End-to-end (e2e) tests for Kubernetes | source | docs | bugs | | kubernetes-metrics-server | Exposes core Kubernetes metrics via metrics API | source | docs | bugs | | metallb-controller | Controller charm for the metallb loadbalancer | source | docs | bugs | | metallb-speaker | Speaker charm for the metallb loadbalancer | source | docs | bugs |


These are the container images used by this release:

  • addon-resizer-amd64:1.8.9
  • addon-resizer-arm64:1.8.9
  • addon-resizer-ppc64le:1.8.9
  • addon-resizer-s390x:1.8.9
  • calico/cni:v3.21.4
  • calico/kube-controllers:v3.21.4
  • calico/node:v3.21.4
  • calico/pod2daemon-flexvol:v3.21.4
  • cdkbot/microbot-amd64:latest
  • cdkbot/microbot-arm64:latest
  • cdkbot/microbot-s390x:latest
  • cephcsi/cephcsi:v3.7.2
  • cloud-provider-vsphere/cpi/release/manager:v1.18.0
  • cloud-provider-vsphere/cpi/release/manager:v1.19.0
  • cloud-provider-vsphere/cpi/release/manager:v1.2.1
  • cloud-provider-vsphere/cpi/release/manager:v1.20.0
  • cloud-provider-vsphere/cpi/release/manager:v1.21.1
  • cloud-provider-vsphere/cpi/release/manager:v1.22.3
  • cloud-provider-vsphere/csi/release/driver:v2.5.1
  • cloud-provider-vsphere/csi/release/syncer:v2.5.1
  • coredns/coredns:1.9.4
  • defaultbackend-amd64:1.5
  • defaultbackend-arm64:1.5
  • defaultbackend-ppc64le:1.5
  • defaultbackend-s390x:1.4
  • dns/k8s-dns-dnsmasq-nanny:1.22.13
  • dns/k8s-dns-kube-dns:1.22.13
  • dns/k8s-dns-sidecar:1.22.13
  • external_storage/nfs-client-provisioner:v3.1.0-k8s1.11
  • ingress-nginx/controller:v1.2.0
  • k8scloudprovider/cinder-csi-plugin:v1.25.0
  • k8scloudprovider/k8s-keystone-auth:v1.25.3
  • k8scloudprovider/openstack-cloud-controller-manager:v1.25.0
  • kube-state-metrics/kube-state-metrics:v2.6.0
  • kubernetes-ingress-controller/nginx-ingress-controller-ppc64le:0.20.0
  • kubernetesui/dashboard:v2.7.0
  • kubernetesui/metrics-scraper:v1.0.8
  • metrics-server/metrics-server:v0.5.2
  • nvidia/k8s-device-plugin:v0.12.3
  • pause:3.6
  • sig-storage/csi-attacher:v3.4.0
  • sig-storage/csi-attacher:v3.5.0
  • sig-storage/csi-node-driver-registrar:v2.5.0
  • sig-storage/csi-node-driver-registrar:v2.5.1
  • sig-storage/csi-provisioner:v3.1.0
  • sig-storage/csi-provisioner:v3.2.1
  • sig-storage/csi-resizer:v1.4.0
  • sig-storage/csi-resizer:v1.5.0
  • sig-storage/csi-snapshotter:v5.0.1
  • sig-storage/csi-snapshotter:v6.0.1
  • sig-storage/livenessprobe:v2.6.0
  • sig-storage/livenessprobe:v2.7.0