Components of Charmed Kubernetes 1.17

This page details the charms, snaps, images and other components which comprise the 1.17 release of Charmed Kubernetes.

Other information about this release can be found on the following pages:

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What's new

For a list of new features, changes, deprecations, and bug fixes in this release, please see the Release notes.

Core charms

These charms are the core components or official optional components of the release. These charms are maintained by the Charmed Kubernetes team.

Charm Summary docs source bugs version notes
aws-iam A charm that enables using AWS IAM to authenticate with Kubernetes docs source bugs 20 --
aws-integrator Charm to enable AWS integrations via Juju relations. docs source bugs 28 --
azure-integrator Proxy charm to enable Azure integrations via Juju relations. docs source bugs 15 --
calico A robust Software Defined Network from Project Calico docs source bugs 689 --
canal A Software Defined Network based on Flannel and Calico docs source bugs 690 --
containerd Containerd container runtime subordinate docs source bugs 61 --
docker Docker container runtime subordinate docs source bugs 51 --
docker-registry Registry for docker images docs source bugs 152 --
easyrsa Delivers EasyRSA to create a Certificate Authority (CA). docs source bugs 296 --
etcd Deploy a TLS terminated ETCD Cluster docs source bugs 496 --
flannel A charm that provides a robust Software Defined Network docs source bugs 468 --
gcp-integrator Pharm to enable GCP integrations via Juju relations. docs source bugs 20 --
kata Kata untrusted container runtime subordinate docs source bugs 26 --
keepalived Failover and monitoring daemon for LVS clusters docs source bugs 28 --
kubeapi-load-balancer Nginx Load Balancer docs source bugs 704 --
kubernetes-master The Kubernetes control plane. docs source bugs 808 --
kubernetes-worker The workload bearing units of a kubernetes cluster docs source bugs 634 --
openstack-integrator Proxy charm to enable OpenStack integrations via Juju relations. docs source bugs 49 --
tigera-secure-ee Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition docs source bugs 86 --
vsphere-integrator Proxy charm to enable VMware vSphere integrations via Juju relations. docs source bugs 7 --

Compatible Charms

These charms are frequently used with Charmed Kubernetes.

Charm Summary Store page notes
apache2 Apache HTTP Server metapackage docs
ceph-osd Highly scalable distributed storage - Ceph OSD storage docs
elasticsearch Open Source, Distributed, RESTful, Search Engine built on Apache Lucene docs
filebeat Filebeat is a lightweight, open source shipper for log file data. docs
grafana Graph and Dashboard builder docs
graylog Graylog log management system docs
hacluster Corosync Cluster Engine - membership, messaging and quorum docs
mongodb An open-source document database, and the leading NoSQL database docs
nagios Nagios Core 3 monitoring. docs
nfs NFS server docs
nrpe Nagios Remote Plugin Executor Server docs
prometheus2 Monitoring system and timeseries database. v2.0 and later only docs
telegraf The plugin-driven server agent for collecting & reporting metrics. docs
vault a tool for managing secrets docs

Container Images

These are the container images used by this release:

  • k8scsi/csi-node-driver-registrar:v1.0.2
  • k8scsi/csi-provisioner:v1.0.2
  • k8scsi/csi-snapshotter:v1.0.2
  • coredns/coredns-arm64:1.6.2
  • coredns/coredns-s390x:1.6.2
  • kubernetesui/metrics-scraper:v1.0.1
  • heapster-influxdb-amd64:1.3.3
  • heapster-influxdb-arm64:1.3.3
  • heapster-influxdb-s390x:1.3.3
  • heapster-grafana-amd64:1.4.3
  • heapster-grafana-arm64:1.4.3
  • heapster-grafana-s390x:1.4.3
  • heapster-amd64:v1.6.0-beta.1
  • heapster-arm64:v1.6.0-beta.1
  • heapster-s390x:v1.6.0-beta.1
  • addon-resizer-amd64:1.8.5
  • addon-resizer-arm64:1.8.5
  • addon-resizer-s390x:1.8.5
  • k8s-dns-kube-dns-amd64:1.14.13
  • k8s-dns-kube-dns-arm64:1.14.13
  • k8s-dns-kube-dns-s390x:1.14.13
  • k8s-dns-dnsmasq-nanny-amd64:1.14.13
  • k8s-dns-dnsmasq-nanny-arm64:1.14.13
  • k8s-dns-dnsmasq-nanny-s390x:1.14.13
  • k8s-dns-sidecar-amd64:1.14.13
  • k8s-dns-sidecar-arm64:1.14.13
  • k8s-dns-sidecar-s390x:1.14.13
  • metrics-server-amd64:v0.3.6
  • metrics-server-arm64:v0.3.2
  • metrics-server-s390x:v0.3.2
  • addon-resizer-amd64:1.8.5
  • addon-resizer-arm64:1.8.5
  • addon-resizer-s390x:1.8.5
  • coreos/kube-state-metrics:v1.8.0
  • nvidia/k8s-device-plugin:1.0.0-beta4
  • external_storage/nfs-client-provisioner:latest
  • kubernetes-ingress-controller/nginx-ingress-controller-amd64:0.26.1
  • kubernetes-ingress-controller/nginx-ingress-controller-arm64:0.26.1
  • kubernetes-ingress-controller/nginx-ingress-controller-s390x:0.20.0
  • defaultbackend-amd64:1.5
  • defaultbackend-arm64:1.5
  • defaultbackend-s390x:1.4
  • k8scloudprovider/openstack-cloud-controller-manager:v1.15.0
  • k8scloudprovider/cinder-csi-plugin:v1.15.0
  • k8scsi/csi-attacher:v1.0.1
  • k8scsi/csi-provisioner:v1.0.2
  • k8scsi/csi-snapshotter:v1.0.2
  • k8scsi/csi-node-driver-registrar:v1.1.0

To list all of the Charmed Kubernetes container images in the Canonical registry:

curl | python3 -mjson.tool | grep -E '^\s*"cdk/'

To list the tags available for a specific image use the following command, indicating the path of the package. For example, for the coredns-amd64 image:


...or for the arm64 version of the metrics server:



The following snaps are used by this release of Charmed Kubernetes:

snap confinement summary link
aws-cli classic Resource to side-load aws-cli snap in network-restricted deployments. store page
core strict core snap store page
etcd classic Snap package of etcd store page
gcloud ? Resource to side-load gcloud snap in network-restricted deployments. ?
cdk-addons strict CDK addons snap store page
kube-apiserver strict kube-apiserver snap store page
kube-controller-manager strict kube-controller-manager snap store page
kube-proxy classic kube-proxy snap store page
kube-scheduler strict kube-scheduler snap store page
kubectl classic kubectl snap store page
kubelet classic kubelet snap store page
openstackclients classic Resource to side-load openstackclients snap in network-restricted deployments. store page