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Learn What’s New In Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS

Released in April 2014, Ubuntu Server 14.04 is the latest LTS release of Ubuntu server. It includes OpenStack Icehouse and many new features and tools for cloud and hyperscale computing.

LTS stands for Long Term Support. It means that the 14.04 release will be supported by Canonical with maintenance and security updates for five years. Canonical releases a Long Term Support Release of Ubuntu Server every two years, the last one being Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS, released back in April 2012.

While providing an overview of the key features in Ubuntu Server 14.04, the main focus of this document is to explain the improvements that have been introduced since 2012, for users considering the upgrade from the 12.04 release.

Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS has been designed for the reality of the modern datacentre. It is built for virtualised, cloud and hyperscale infrastructure, either as a host platform or a guest OS. It is certified on a wide range of hardware from all major brands and on all the leading public clouds.

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NTT SIC has great expectations for upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to be the next generation platform of our OpenStack software development.