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What is OpenStack and why does it matter?

Learn how to build a cloud your way by joining us on 22nd Nov at 12 PM CET. Scroll down to register.

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Move to the cloud, they said. It will be fun, they said.

So you decided to do so, but now you’re facing an eternal dilemma: use one of the existing public cloud platforms or build your own? You ask yourself more questions: Which option is more convenient for your use case? Which one is more cost-effective? How do you preserve digital sovereignty regardless of the choice?

These are all good questions. We will cover them in this webinar. However, what you’re really searching for is more elementary. It is about how you can make use of available cloud technologies to meet your organisations’ needs. In other words, how you can do computing, your way?

Join our webinar on 22 November at 12 PM CET.

Cloud computing? Do it yourself

During this webinar we will show you a “do it yourself” approach to cloud infrastructure implementation. By using mature open source technologies we will demonstrate the path towards your own production-grade cloud, preserving digital sovereignty and ensuring cost-effectiveness, while maintaining the versatility provided by global tech giants.

What is OpenStack and why does it matter?

OpenStack is the world’s most popular open source cloud platform and its adoption continues to grow exponentially every year. It serves as an extension or a reasonable alternative to hyperscalers, effectively addressing cloud cost optimisation concerns. But at the same time, OpenStack adoption has always been a challenge. Hence through this webinar, we want to help you get started with OpenStack.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Discuss the current status of the cloud computing market
  • Delve into the world of OpenStack - the most popular open source cloud platform
  • Walk you through OpenStack’s high-level architecture, its services, and their functions
  • Teach you how to get started and break the ice with OpenStack immediately