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What’s new in Ubuntu Desktop 23.04 Roundtable discussion

Join us at 4pm GMT on May the 4th


The future of deployment, identity management and gaming on Ubuntu Desktop

Tune in!

Ubuntu has long been a developer favourite and the preferred platform for Linux for gaming. Ubuntu Desktop 23.04 lays the foundations for a number of key strategic priorities around desktop deployment, identity management and gaming.

For IT managers looking to deploy Ubuntu Desktop at scale, the new desktop installer delivers new tools for custom image configuration and network based deployment.

Ubuntu 23.04 also extends its identity management integration to support industry shifts towards cloud-based identity providers.

Developers and daily users of Ubuntu will also find a range of enhancements to their desktop experience, from the new features included in GNOME 44, to improved desktop snap functionality and a streamlined gaming setup experience.

Our discussion hosts:

  • Oliver Smith, Product Manager, Ubuntu Desktop
  • Tim Holmes-Mitra, Engineering Director, Ubuntu Desktop
  • Ken Vandine, Engineering Manager, Ubuntu Desktop
  • Jean-Baptiste Lallement, Engineering Manager, Enterprise Desktop
  • Massimiliano Gori, Product Manager, Identity
  • Rajan Patel, Product Manager, Landscape