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A CTO’s guide to software-defined vehicles

Tackle hardware and software complexity in automotive

How are software-defined vehicles (SDVs) impacting the industry?

Besides increasing hardware and software complexity, cybersecurity and safety threats are generating new requirements. All the while, automotive companies and suppliers need to define clear strategies to deal with increasing software fragmentation.

We believe adopting open-source software can limit software fragmentation. At the same time, it can enable the automotive industry to adopt a platform-oriented approach for the design of software-defined vehicle strategies.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how embracing Linux and open-source technologies can help you focus on application development and keep costs under control. You will also get recommendations to deal with safety constraints while not compromising on innovation.

The white paper covers:

  • Software-related trends in automotive industry solutions
  • The shift from hardware-defined vehicles to software-defined vehicles
  • The rise of hardware and software complexity in current and future vehicles
  • Our recommendations on how open-source automotive software can enable the next generation of automotive applications

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