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Self-healing Kubernetes at the edge: MicroK8s, Raspberry Pis and Portainer

Are you looking to deploy home-grown Kubernetes clusters that adopt mission-critical features? This is just the right technical session that will help get your hands dirty with edge computing using Kubernetes, Raspberry Pi and Portainer.

As developers and businesses are shifting their attention to the edge, everyone wants to build their own edge clusters and manage them. However, building a highly available edge cluster is not easy. Kubernetes simplifies container deployments by abstracting the resource management details from the users, allowing them to deploy using standard CLI or templates.

Edge adds the challenge of executing these deployments at scale and with no access for local troubleshooting. This is where MicroK8s and Portainer shine, bringing a strong combination of a streamlined Kubernetes experience for small devices, such as the Raspberry Pi, and an intuitive UI to manage Kubernetes and containers across geographies.

In this technical session, you’ll learn:

  • How MicroK8s brings a full Kubernetes to edge deployments
  • How to build your own highly-available edge cluster with Raspberry Pis
  • How to use the Portainer dashboard to manage your Kubernetes
  • How to use Kubernetes deployments to ensure zero-downtime

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