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Public cloud vs private cloud: building an innovative cloud strategy

Register today for the webinar on 18th March, 11am GMT. Link to register available below.

Whether it’s an enterprise with thousands of employees across the globe or a startup running from a garage, the success of the business is highly reliant on how it consumes technology. With private clouds, organisations are investing high upfront costs and spending the bigger portion of their IT budgets on operations, leaving behind less for digital transformation and innovation. With limited budgets, coping with the pace of technology evolution in their industries becomes highly challenging.

On the other hand, organisations are transforming into an OpEx cost model with the public cloud, offloading management of the underlying dependencies and focusing more on the application layer. However, this comes at a higher total cost of ownership. So, how can CIOs build their cloud strategy to get the best of both worlds? How can they achieve the public-cloud like experience with the economics of a private cloud?

In this session, we provide guidance for IT decision makers on how to build a cloud strategy that supports business goals and minimises constraints, cutting down non-strategic costs. Such a business centric IT allows organisations to focus more on strategy and spend less on commodities.

Webinar takeaways:

  • Why are organisations moving to the cloud?
  • How data centres evolved with time
  • How has the public cloud changed the game
  • Data Centres as a Service
  • Building your cloud strategy