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Get bug and security fixes and operational support for your PostgreSQL deployments

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PostgreSQL is one of the most popular databases. Its open ecosystem helped it evolve during the last three decades to meet several enterprise needs notably online transaction processing, analytics and text search workloads. With the rise in adoption of PostgreSQL in enterprises, the need to have a comprehensive security of its ecosystem is increasing.

At Ubuntu, we offer a holistic approach to secure and strengthen your PostgreSQL deployments:

Get 10 years commitment of security and bug fixes

We can provide up to 10 years of security and bug fixes for PostgreSQL server and for more than 40 popular PostgreSQL extensions, including PostGIS, PgAudit and Orafce. We also cover popular PostgreSQL tools such as pgbouncer and pgbackrest. You can check ubuntu security notices for PostgreSQL vulnerabilities using this page for detailed information on the fixed vulnerabilities.

Get help with your audits and certifications

We can help you with your audits and compliance needs using FIPS 140-2 certified modules, CIS hardening and Common Criteria EAL2 certification.

Get operational support

Our team of experts manages hundreds of PostgreSQL databases and can back your own teams with our optional 24/7 support service.

Try it now for free then scale as you go

You can assess your exposure by issuing the following command in your ubuntu terminal:

pro security-status

All the packages that are part of “Ubuntu Universe/Multiverse” are not covered unless you upgrade to Ubuntu Pro.

Fill out the form and try Ubuntu Pro for a month. A detailed tutorial on Ubuntu Pro is available here.

If you do not have PostgreSQL already installed then you can do so by simply typing:

sudo apt install postgresql

Alternatively, you can check this tutorial to deploy a highly available PostgreSQL.

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