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PostgreSQL for Oracle database users

Compare two of the most advanced database management systems

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Oracle database is undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories in the last few decades of IT history. DB-Engines’ ranking still places it as the most popular database despite the growing competition. Oracle database pioneered a number of ideas in the database management landscape that inspired many commercial and open source competitors.

PostgreSQL is one of those open-source alternatives that gained momentum in the recent years due to its vibrant community and ever-increasing number of extensions around its ecosystem (PostGis, TimescaleDB, Citus …). PostgreSQL’ first place in the last StackOverflow survey is an attestation of its success.

PostgreSQL from an Oracle database user’s lens

Whether you are considering a migration from your Oracle database to PostgreSQL or you are trying to add PostgreSQL to your internal catalogue of the data solutions, it is critical to understand the differences of PostgreSQL compared to Oracle database.

In this webinar, we will dive into the development, operational and ecosystem differences between both solutions. We will draw a parallel between some of Oracle database’s most popular features (e.g. Active Data Guard, GoldenGate, RMAN) and their closest counterparts in the PostgreSQL landscape.

How to migrate from Oracle database to PostgreSQL

Understanding and analysing the differences between database solutions is the first step in a successful migration from one database to the other. In this webinar, we will present a methodology to execute your migration while minimising downtime and lowering the risk of data loss and performance degradation.

Join the webinar on September 27th

We will cover:

  • How PostgreSQL and Oracle database stack up against each other
  • How to plan a successful migration
  • How Canonical can support you in adopting an enterprise-grade PostgreSQL.