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How many use cases can you cover with PostgreSQL extensions?

More than you’d expect

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About the webinar

There are benefits to using a specialised database for every new use case you need to support. For example, we can make a case for using a graph database to manipulate graph data, or a specialised vector database to manage vectors. Yet, multiplying your data stores comes with consistency, cost and operability issues that you need to consider carefully.

PostgreSQL is built from the ground up to be extensible, so you can choose from over 1000 extensions to cover more use cases with the same solution – saving you time and resources.

In this webinar, we will examine the use cases you can meet with just PostgreSQL. We will cover the following:

  • Analytics
  • Online transaction processing
  • Geospatial data
  • Graph data
  • Search and similarity
  • AI and ML
  • Time Series and more

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