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KAUST selects Canonical’s OpenStack cloud

New OpenStack and Kubernetes deployments improve computing performance for researchers, easing management pains for IT staff

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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology empowers researchers with future-proof OpenStack cloud

With researchers increasingly relying on the university’s OpenStack platform for their work, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) knew that it was time to switch away from its homegrown solution and adopt third-party support. Ubuntu familiarity alongside superior economics made Charmed OpenStack and Ubuntu Advantage the natural choice. With OpenStack and Kubernetes supported by Canonical, KAUST has eliminated the complexity of managing, scaling, and upgrading its cloud environment, while delivering the high levels of availability and performance that researchers need.

In this Case Study you will learn:

  • Why the university chose to partner with Canonical to support its research-critical OpenStack and Kubernetes deployments
  • Why switching to Charmed OpenStack unlocked simplified management and a streamlined upgrade process
  • How bespoke optimisation and 24/7 support maximise OpenStack availability
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