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Open source AI in banking

Insights, use cases and best practices for effective AI deployment at scale

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Join the conversation on 07 September 2023 11 AM EDT | 5 PM CEST

Impact of AI in Banking

The transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the banking industry has ushered in a new era of customer-centricity, operational efficiency, and enhanced security. From tailoring product recommendations to offering targeted financial advice, AI-enabled systems help banks deliver highly personalised experiences and build lasting customer relationships. AI-driven automation streamlines operations resulting in reduced operational costs and increased efficiency. In short, AI is enabling banks to make informed decisions, uncover market trends, and gain a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour.

Navigating the challenges of AI deployment

Every innovation comes with its challenges, and AI is no exception. In the rapidly growing AI landscape, how can financial institutions navigate the complexities of at scale AI deployment effectively?

Join us in addressing common roadblocks to AI deployment in the banking sector

We invite you to our engaging webinar, where the speakers will:
  • Present the business impact of AI
  • Discuss opportunities for banks to boost competitiveness using AI solutions
  • Explain barriers to AI adoption at scale
  • Share a reference AI tech stack with a focus on open source technologies
  • Delve into banking use cases of open source AI
  • Share best practices for navigating the challenges of at scale AI deployment

Reserve your spot today and join the discussion to connect with professionals who share a passion for harnessing the potential of open source AI to drive business value.

Our speakers

  • Srikrishna ‘Kris’ Sharma, Financial Services Sector Leader
  • Bartłomiej Poniecki-Klotz, AI Solution Architect