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Standardising machine learning — from workstation to production

In April, we talked about the landscape for Dell’s Data Science Workstation, which is a development enterprise-class workstation for data scientists. Continuing the initial discussion, join Dell and Canonical once again to discover the AI journey from modelling and testing on the desktop to production in the data centre. We will also learn about the foundation of containers in AI - including how to harness the potential of container orchestration of Kubernetes in Machine Learning deployments at scale.

Kyle and Rui will discuss:

  • Dell workstations in AI/ML - Hear the latest info on the Ubuntu-based Dell Data Science Workstation platform lineup available in the DSW Guided Install Edition - Mobiles, Towers and Racks
  • Microk8s for lightweight kubernetes - Learn about “under the desk” clustering (a.k.a. carpet clusters), and testing on a kubernetes cluster
  • Deploying and using Kubeflow on top of microk8s - for portability of AI/ML workloads with the best tools for machine learning