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Managed IT Services

How to build a strategic IT model that drives innovation while cutting down operational costs

As the cloud computing market grows, whether private or public, more organisations are moving towards cloud-native technologies. Open source, being a major component of this era, has helped in reducing costs and increasing agility and flexibility. As organisations adopt the new technologies, the added layers of complexity have become the biggest source of friction opposing their direction. Hiring for niche skills is becoming even more challenging as the global skill gap widens, leaving a lot of gaps between what is desired and what can actually be achieved.

Organisations are constantly trying to find the right balance between running efficient operations and exploring the new possibilities of digital transformation. But how can an organisation build the right strategy to minimise the skill gap and offload complexity while innovating and driving the business forward?

In the following white paper, we provide guidance on how to build a business-centric IT strategy, using managed services, to overcome the biggest challenges from a CIO’s perspective. This should help you build a strategic IT department with efficient operations, focused on innovation and digital transformation.

In this white paper, we:

  • Discuss the challenges associated with the cloud-native technologies
  • Propose a strategy to categorise your daily IT activities and decide which to eliminate, outsource, or insource
  • Analyse the challenges, benefits and economics of insourcing and outsourcing, and how to assess managed service providers
  • Provide a guidance on how to transition to a managed service provider and how to restructure your current IT team for the future needs of your business
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