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Magma Deployment - The Charming Way

A Canonical and TCS eBook

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Magma is an open-source software platform that gives network operators an open, flexible and extendable mobile core network solution. It serves important use-cases like extending existing network topologies for edge deployments or filling in no-network environments in rural areas, and catering to enterprise requirements for private networks. For many, Magma is set to become “the Linux of the networking space”.

Canonical and TCS (TATA consulting services) see it as a key component of the future of private mobile networks - alongside OpenRAN - and a key enabler to connect people currently excluded from the digital economy. Canonical has decided to contribute Juju-based deployment to Magma. TCS has analysed the business and technology requirements from a Magma adoption perspective and believe that it has the potential to be the right solution to address key telco requirements like speed, accuracy, and scale in a cost-effective manner. They picked Magma, coupled with Juju charms, to build an automation ecosystem around it and supply the findings back to the community.

This technical eBook covers:

  • What Magma is
  • Magma components and their features
  • Reference architecture for Magma deployment
  • Magma deployment automation with Juju charms
  • Challenges faced during Magma deployment and their resolution

Canonical and TCS collaborated on this report to present a reference architecture for an E2E private mobile network setup, based on AWS and open-source technologies that offer flexibility, no vendor lock-in, and ease of operations.

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