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Deliver your software with Kubernetes

MicroK8s for streamlined application container deployment

Register now for live webinar on March 7th 3:30 pm BST

Containers and Kubernetes have redefined the software application lifecycle. Cloud native architectures bring infrastructure automation and abstract the operational complexity of building, testing and deploying applications. Developers iterate faster, focusing on business value, so software vendors can deliver better customer experiences.

Whilst Kubernetes as a platform has numerous benefits, the learning curve for enterprises is steep. This is a barrier to adoption, impacting ISVs that look at containers as an efficient delivery mechanism for their software.

Using MicroK8s and Ubuntu as the building blocks for your cloud native solution removes infrastructure dependencies, ensuring software will run anywhere in a predictable manner. As a software vendor, embedding MicroK8s is the easiest way to leverage the benefits of a modern, Kubernetes-based architecture with simple customer adoption.

Why choose Kubernetes for your container deployment?

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why are software application vendors looking into containerization
  • What are the benefits of embedded Kubernetes for ISVs
  • How Canonical streamlines the delivery of application containers
  • What is MicroK8s and how can you run your enterprise application on top of it

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