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Kubeflow operations guide

Automating day-0 to day-2 with Kubernetes operators

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Kubeflow has seen wide interest from across industries as a technology to automate data science workflows, from data extraction to monitoring models in production. However, Kubeflow is composed of 30+ microservices that need to be deployed, configured, maintained, integrated and independently upgraded whenever there is a new release of one of the components.

In this webinar, we walk you through a few of the challenges of operating Kubeflow and how the latest technologies of software operations and lifecycle management can help, namely the most recent model-driven operators.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How challenges of operating Kubeflow and how cloud-native operations are evolving
  • What are Kubernetes operators, Charms and OLMs and why they are a game changer
  • How model-driven operators can automate day-0 to day-2 operations of Kubeflow even for complex setups
  • What is Charmed Kubeflow and how it can be deployed with your Kubernetes of choice
  • Demo: Hands-on Kubeflow operations