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Introduction to Apache Kafka

Learn all about Kafka from the experts - what it is and what it’s used for

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Have you heard about Apache Kafka but aren’t quite sure about its functions or applications? This webinar is tailored for you. Apache Kafka is more than just a buzzword in the tech community; it’s a critical tool for data processing and management.

Join our expert-led webinar to explore the world of Apache Kafka, a powerful distributed event streaming platform. Learn how Canonical simplifies Kafka operations, offering secure, automated deployments and maintenance across various clouds

In this webinar, Rob Gibbon and Raul Zamora unbox Apache Kafka and explain some of its use cases with a deep dive into Charmed Kafka – the Kafka solution from Canonical.

What you’ll learn about Apache Kafka:

  • What is Apache Kafka: Unravel the basics and core functionalities of Apache Kafka.
  • A quick history of Apache Kafka: Trace the evolution of Kafka from its inception to its current status in the tech world.
  • Key Kafka concepts: Understand the fundamental principles and architecture that underpin Kafka’s operation.
  • Typical use cases for Apache Kafka: Explore real-world applications and scenarios where Kafka shines.
  • Getting started with Charmed Kafka: Learn how to kickstart your Kafka journey using Canonical’s Charmed Kafka for seamless deployments.
  • The future of Kafka: Peek into what the future holds for Apache Kafka in the evolving landscape of data processing.