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Finserv open source infrastructure powers hybrid cloud strategy

An overview of how to simplify the deployment and management of an OpenStack cloud.

About this webinar

Covid-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges and opportunities for financial institutions to embrace digital transformation initiatives at pace and scale. Finservs are enhancing their purview of digital transformation initiatives to stay relevant and create a technology foundation that enables them to quickly bounce back from future contingencies.

Financial institutions will need to leverage the right mix of cloud services – a hybrid cloud strategy with a cost effective open source private cloud infrastructure at the core to maximise application performance while on-boarding innovative new capabilities.

The webinar focuses on OpenStack, the de-facto standard for open source private cloud build and how OpenStack turns your data centre into a cloud and ensures multi-cloud cost optimisation.

In this webinar, Srikrishna ‘Kris’ Sharma, Financial Services Sector Lead at Canonical presents an overview of Charmed OpenStack - an enterprise grade OpenStack distribution from Canonical that leverages MAAS, Juju, and the OpenStack charmed operators to simplify the deployment and management of an OpenStack cloud.