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Ceph for Enterprise

The best open-source enterprise storage solution

When it comes to open-source scalable storage, there is no solution better than Ceph. With its ability to solve for multiple use-cases from a single cluster, its robust disaster recovery features, and its overall ease of management thanks to Juju, Charms and the Ceph Dashboard, it is easy to see why over 70% of OpenStack clouds use Ceph as their preferred backend.

Ceph can also be deployed stand-alone, without being integrated with a Private Cloud. It can be leveraged in just the same way as any traditional storage appliance, or can be used to replace expensive cloud storage too.

The best open-source enterprise storage solution

In this webinar, we will review the storage challenges faced by Enterprises, and how Ceph can solve many of them. We discuss how a single Ceph storage cluster can address block, file and object storage needs, and complement proprietary and public cloud solutions. We will also demonstrate some of the key features of Ceph that provide solutions for disaster recovery and compliance requirements.

We will cover the following:

  • Enterprise storage needs challenges
  • Software-defined storage with Ceph
  • Ceph architecture
  • Multi-protocol Ceph
  • Charmed Ceph - upstream Ceph delivered with model-driven operations
  • Managed Ceph