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Driving open source together with Canonical and Intel

Canonical and Intel collaborate on strategy, engineering, and support to deliver an exceptional experience to our shared customers, from cloud to edge, using open source software

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As industry leaders in hardware and software, Intel and Canonical create solutions that customers often use together. For more than a decade, we have worked closely to advance our technologies and simplify the product experience for our shared customers.

By aligning our product roadmaps and conducting pre-integration work, we’re enabling customers to more easily implement new technologies, such as deterministic real-time processing, to accelerate their time to market, and to have a smoother product development experience.

Intel and Canonical have a common mission to further open-source software. Intel is the leading corporate contributor to the Linux Kernel, measured in the number of commits between 2007 and 20192. Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu, providing strategic guidance and driving its adoption. Ubuntu is an open-source platform that is transforming the way millions of people and businesses use devices, servers, and the cloud.

Our collaborations cover areas including:

  • Confidential computing for cloud, enabling sensitive workloads to be isolated in hyperscale cloud environments.
  • Power optimisation for desktop and laptop devices.
  • Real-time systems for the Internet of Things.
  • Virtualisation in the radio access network.
  • Trusted containers for software development kits to accelerate the development and deployment of AI solutions.
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