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Docker security and FIPS compliance from air gap to cloud

FIPS-enabled Ubuntu containers anywhere

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In a world where security breaches are a daily headline, the need for reliable and compliant digital solutions is paramount. For example, U.S. agencies and contractors require FIPS compliance to provide an extra layer of protection for sensitive government data or personal information, helping to prevent unauthorised access and ensuring data integrity.

Join us for a deep dive into the craft of FIPS-enabled container images and their deployment anywhere, including on cloud platforms and air-gapped environments.

We’ll also discuss how to combine FIPS compliance with other recent security improvements such as the release of distroless-type, chiselled Ubuntu container images. Join us and don’t miss the opportunity to ask questions to our experts in the live Q&A.

The webinar will cover:

  • Docker container security challenges
  • Basics behind FIPS-enabled containers
  • Creating, hardening and deploying your containers
  • An introduction to chiselled Ubuntu containers

For questions, contact us here.
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