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How to increase developer productivity with Ubuntu Desktop

A guide for CTOs, IT managers and sysadmins

In the tech industry - and more and more in other industries as well - the success of an enterprise is strongly linked to its ability to deal with software.

Whether it relates to infrastructure, web and app interfaces, or internal enterprise software, it is crucial to ensure that developers interacting with and building software have everything they need to be performant.

Developer desktop with Ubuntu

In this whitepaper, we explore the many ways Ubuntu Desktop is the perfect developer desktop environment, and the tools it provides for developers to thrive.
First, we look at the hiring process: how Ubuntu can help attract candidates and the benefits of an Ubuntu savvy team.

Then, we talk about the value Ubuntu brings when getting developers started.

Third, we look at how Ubuntu gives you options, and the ability to find what you need, whether that’s the latest and greatest technology or support and long term assurance.

And finally, we discuss integrating Ubuntu into existing enterprise deployments.

Topics covered in this whitepaper

  • Getting started with Ubuntu Desktop
  • How Ubuntu Desktop supports key open source technologies in strategic areas including AI/ML, Robotics and Virtualisation
  • How Ubuntu Advantage helps drive long term assurance
  • Integrating Ubuntu with enterprise solutions
  • The advantages of Ubuntu on WSL for Windows-based enterprises
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