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Define a Data Migration Strategy

Join us on the 18th of April to learn how to successfully plan and execute your data migration

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With looming macroeconomic uncertainties affecting growth, a new wave of companies are trying to control their costs by downsizing their staff and reducing their infrastructure costs. As a result, companies in the tech scene, like Ahrefs and Basecamp, have decided to move away from public clouds and repatriate their workloads. But workload repatriation also entails a complex data migration effort.

Data is often one of the most valuable assets of a company. Therefore, data migration projects can be daunting as they might endanger these assets if executed poorly. Gartner predicted that “more than 50% of data migration initiatives will exceed their budget and timeline—and potentially harm the business—because of flawed strategy and execution”.

In this webinar, we present a strategy to successfully plan, design and execute your data migration. We will also present a number of open-source solutions that can help you:

  • Build a cost-effective storage solution to host your data
  • Secure your data
  • Automate your database operations

Download our free guide on database cloud migration and attend the webinar below to learn more.