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Introduction to cybersecurity with Ubuntu Pro on Azure Government

Join us on June 27 at 9 AM PDT, 12 PM EDT

U.S. government agencies and organizations in government-regulated industries face a huge challenge in complying with regulations and standards in order to run their workloads. Azure Government and Ubuntu make it much easier to deploy missions securely in the cloud whilst remaining compatible with compliance requirements.

In this webinar we will look at what additional security measures Ubuntu Pro offers, including Extended Security Maintenance for Ubuntu and 3rd party applications, and system hardening to CIS & DISA-STIG profiles with the Ubuntu Security Guide.

We will then cover Confidential Computing, newly available for Ubuntu on Azure, which uses hardware cryptographic guarantees to protect the security of cloud workloads even in use. As such, deploying Ubuntu confidential VMs protects customers from each other, and from the cloud provider infrastructure itself, including its privileged system software stack (operating system, hypervisor, firmware), administrators and operators.

Next we will go into more detail about Microsoft’s DISA-STIG marketplace offerings, and finish with an overview of Microsoft’s Authority to Operate (ATO) Toolkit for FedRAMP compliance.


  1. Ubuntu Pro overview
  2. CVEs and 3rd party app support
  3. Federal and public sector security and Compliance as Code with USG
  4. Confidential computing overview and use cases
  5. DISA-STIG from the marketplace

Join us on this webinar to learn more about cybersecurity and compliance in the cloud and participate in the live Q&A. With any questions please contact our Public Sector team here.


  • Chris Huffman, VP Public Sector (Canonical)
  • Henry Coggill, Product Manager (Canonical)
  • David Anstine, Cloud Solution Architect (Microsoft)
  • James HiIliard, Chief Architect (Microsoft)
  • Éric St-Jean, Engineering Director (Canonical) (Q&A)
  • Ijlal Loutfi, Product Manager (Canonical) (Q&A)