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A CTO’s guide to real-time Linux

Understanding real-time systems, their use cases and inner workings

Download the whitepaper

A real-time system ensures the execution of high-priority processes with deterministic response times. By providing an upper time bound for mission-critical latency requirements, modern enterprises can run their most exacting workloads on real-time systems.

On the software side, support for real-time compute via the Linux kernel is emerging as a de-facto approach thanks to the rich support for hardware devices and peripherals. By integrating the PREEMPT_RT patches, real-time Linux is more preemptive than mainline and delivers industrial-grade performance to meet stringent latency requirements.

Whether you are an engineer evaluating your options to execute threads within specified deadlines or an executive wishing to learn how real-time Linux ties to modern market trends, this whitepaper is for you.

The whitepaper covers:

  • How to achieve deterministic performance for time-sensitive applications
  • The key applications for real-time Linux and sectors it can be applied in
  • How the PREEMPT_RT patches work

Download the whitepaper to learn how support for real-time compute with PREEMPT_RT, coupled with a 10-year security update commitment, can help you accelerate your software-defined transformation.

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