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Lift and Shift, or Rebuild: choosing your cloud migration strategy

Learn how you can digitally transform your company by migrating to the cloud

Are you looking to modernise your business and thinking about cloud migration? Are you thinking about the benefits it could bring, but also how it would impact your organisation?

Cloud computing, containerisation and digital transformation are at the top of many company agendas. They have become a synonym for innovation. But what do they mean in practice? What does the transformation process and migrating to the cloud actually look like?

This whitepaper delves deeper into these questions and examines the transformation challenges and opportunities companies might face. It presents a comparison of two approaches: rebuilding applications to fit the cloud-native approach and lift & shift with re-platforming activities.

What you will learn:

  • What the main drivers of digital transformation are
  • How cloud migration enables transformation
  • What the process of rebuilding applications to fit the cloud-native approach looks like
  • Alternatives to rebuilding:
    • Why would you migrate monoliths to the cloud?
    • What would the process look like?
  • The benefits and drawbacks of each of the two approaches
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