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What’s new in Charmed Ceph and Quincy in the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release?

Ubuntu 22.04, Charmed Ceph, and Ceph Quincy

In this webinar, we will discuss and demonstrate new features in Charmed Ceph that make administrative tasks easier and safer.

Automation of NFS share creation, assisting with day2 disk replacement operations, and our recent investigation into using PMEM as a host side cache. We will also cover the most important updates in upstream Ceph Quincy.

You will learn about:

  • New features in Charmed Ceph
    • Stand-alone and scalable NFS deployments
    • Disk replacement improvements
    • PMEM
  • New features in Ceph Quincy
    • Farewell Filestore
    • RGW rate limiting
    • LevelDB retirement

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