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NEXIONA collaborates with Canonical and Dell to create MIIMETIQ EDGE

“When people think of the IoT, they think of projects of millions upon millions of connected devices. However, I don’t believe this to be the case. In reality, there will only ever be a small handful of projects that will incorporate millions of devices. Instead, the vast majority of IoT projects will incorporate only a few hundred devices at most.”

Jaume Rey, the founder of NEXIONA


IoT is delivering real value for many smart businesses and is capturing people’s imagination because of its immense openness and flexibility. However, when SMEs start thinking about IoT they often see something that is intimidating and out of reach, given its sheer vastness and scale. However, the reality is far more practical.

  • All-in-one IoT Solution, packaged within a single box
  • Perfect for small/mid-sized projects looking to securely connect and maintain IoT devices
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