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BeWell Innovations enables hospitals to scale up patient self-testing services with Ubuntu Core

Learn how BeWell Innovations delivers seamless OTA updates to a fleet of medical devices

Download the Case Study

When you go for a hospital consultation, odds are that you’ll spend most of your visit in a waiting room. A major contributor to lengthy waiting room times is the need to measure patient vitals before the consultation. This is why Belgian medtech company BeWell developed patient self-testing kiosks that enable users to take their own vitals without help from healthcare professionals. The devices reduce waiting times for patients, and free up nurses to focus on other tasks.

With demand for BeWell’s kiosks growing rapidly, it needed a more scalable way to deploy and remotely manage devices deployed throughout Belgium and beyond. The company decided to move its software onto Ubuntu Core, unlocking seamless over-the-air (OTA) updates, automated provisioning and a more reliable patient experience. Now, setting up new kiosks takes 25% of the time it used to, and managing the rapidly growing device fleet is effortless.

“The step change to Ubuntu Core has increased the reliability of our product in a way that’s been really profound. Core has transformed these devices into appliances. When you turn on the kiosks, they just work and do what you expect them to, both from our users’ perspective and our own”.

Dries Oeyen, Chief Technology Officer, BeWell Innovations

Read the case study to discover how BeWell:

  • Transformed device provisioning, management and reliability with Ubuntu Core
  • Reduced the time required required to set up new kiosks by 75%
  • Unlocked the ability to remotely distribute updates fleet-wide with just two commands
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