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The automotive leader’s guide to 2023 trends

The year of software-defined everything


Last year we saw substantial innovation in the automotive industry, and we can identify several key trends emerging in 2023.

This whitepaper will explore how companies can position themselves in order to succeed with new technical innovations and business models. Here are the key trends that we will discuss:

  • EVs (electric vehicles) are becoming increasingly popular due to regulation changes, environmental concerns, and cost of ownership. What should automotive companies do to succeed with EVs going forward?

  • Connectivity is becoming more important, with 95% of sold vehicles expected to be connected by 2030. What will connectivity enable in terms of business innovation?

  • Data and privacy are becoming key concerns. How can automotive leaders safeguard the use of driver, passenger and vehicle data?

  • Although fully autonomous vehicles are still far away, automotive companies are making technical bets to see which technology will help them reach level 5.

  • 5G is expected to be used for faster speeds and more bandwidth, but there are also major drawbacks. What do these mean for automotive makers?

  • Finally, mobility services are becoming more popular, with subscription plans and ride-sharing becoming more common. The whitepaper explores how automotive companies can benefit from this new service economy.

These trends are moving quickly and have major impacts on the industry’s investments today. This makes it even more important for automotive leads to stay updated to make timely decisions and stay competitive in the market.

Download the whitepaper to learn more, or contact us here!

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