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Automation through open source operators

A Forrester Consulting study on the state of infrastructure and application deployment

Download the study

Modern businesses require infrastructure that adapts and scales quickly, reliably, and economically— whether it lives on-premises or in the cloud. Although organisations are beginning to adopt automation, application deployment and delivery (AD&D) professionals are still frequently overwhelmed with manual lifecycle management tasks. To optimise infrastructure operations, enterprises must adopt open source, operator-based automation platforms that address application management at all points of the application lifecycle.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Canonical surveyed 206 decision-makers in the UK, France, the US, the Nordics, Germany, and Japan to evaluate the current state of infrastructure automation. The study explores the challenges and benefits of open source infrastructure automation tools, and offers key recommendations for AD&D decision-makers.

Read the study to learn more, including:

  • How operator-based automation tools can significantly reduce the frequency of manual tasks at both the infrastructure and application levels
  • How these tools can be leveraged not only by infrastructure professionals, but also by developers and compliance/security teams – bridging the gaps between silos and unlocking unprecedented standardisation across environments
  • How open source accelerates the benefits of infrastructure automation, delivering flexibility, cost effectiveness, and speed to market.
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