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ARX Fit builds the world’s most effective and efficient fitness machines on Ubuntu Core

Learn how the world leader in Adaptive Resistance technology transformed the user experience for its exercise machines with an immutable OS and OTA updates

Read the case study

When the time came to develop its new line of Adaptive Resistance exercise machines, ARX decided to modernise its software strategy. With its legacy software, ARX struggled to deliver over-the-air (OTA) updates to deployed machines and users had too much control over the Windows-based environment, creating a host of maintenance issues.

By deploying its new software on Ubuntu Core, ARX will be able to leverage snap application architecture and Snap Store infrastructure to push seamless, automated updates while providing a secure, kiosk-style user experience with Ubuntu Frame, all based on an immutable operating system. The new software will be more secure, reliable, and easier to maintain, and with Canonical’s support, ARX will be free to focus on what it does best – building world-class fitness equipment.

“With Canonical, we know that these machines will stay supported in the field and we won’t have to worry about the OS. We can focus on the core parts of our business software as opposed to all the infrastructure and maintenance required for it.”

Jamie McPeek, CTO, ARX Fit

Read the case study to learn:

  • Why ARX Fit chose to deploy the software for its new exercise machine product line on Ubuntu Core
  • How an immutable OS and Ubuntu Frame kiosk interface deliver a secure, consistent user experience that is easy to maintain and resistant to tampering.
  • How snaps enable seamless OTA updates that ensure machines are automatically kept up-to-date with the latest ARX software versions.

Download here