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How to get started and progress with an AI program

Whether you’re exploring what AI can do for your business and how to get started; have developed machine learning models you’re looking to deploy in production at scale; want to optimise your models for performance, audit your neural network for adversarial attacks or orchestrate your data pipelines, this webinar will provide an overview of what you need to

achieve your goals.

With data often described as the new electricity powering the 4th industrial revolution, and many leading companies falling behind innovative newcomers, we will discuss how you can maximise the value of your data, and where to use transfer learning or find more data when needed to train models for accurate predictions.

In this webinar, you will learn which AI solutions are ready for production and for which applications. You will also learn about open-source state-of-the-art frameworks and pretrained models ready to be fine-tuned and deployed with minimal effort to realise your intelligent automation objectives. And you will learn about current advancements and limitations in a technology moving at an unprecedented pace, powered by big data, advanced algorithms and infinite cloud resources.

Next, we will cover MLOps, or how you can abstract your data scientists from the underlying infrastructure, and how to bridge the gap between researchers and DevOps engineers and offer orchestrated, scale-out resources to your users for training and inference.

Finally we’ll discuss how you can manage change and prepare for the impact to your people, and wrap up by listing available resources to bring your team up to speed, build your centre of competence and find help when you need it.