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AI and Big Data Solutions

How to build, test and scale your complex data projects with open source tooling

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Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) go hand in hand. Used for tasks like trend prediction, process automation and research, these two technologies can help organisations solve some of the toughest problems. But the growing volume of data and increasing diversity of data sources make it difficult to use data and AI effectively and at scale.

Big data and AI - where they meet

Big data refers to massive, complex datasets that often require high velocity processing. Big data is frequently seen as an enabler that powers the advancement of AI. It is also used for exploration and analysis, to gather information and insights.

By bringing together big data and AI, organisations can improve efficiency and reduce costs:

  • They can build better personalised experiences
  • They can analyse customer behaviour and improve customer insight and understanding
  • They can build intelligent decision support for varied use cases

The question is, how can you get started with big data and AI? Which tools should you use?

Join us live to find out

Open source solutions such as Spark, Kubeflow and OpenSearch are often used to develop sophisticated AI solutions, helping enterprises across varied industries reach their business objectives. Rob Gibbon, Big Data Product Manager, Michelle Tabirao, NoSQL Product Manager and Andreea Munteanu, MLOps Product Manager, will be your hosts.

The webinar will cover:

  • Big data and AI solutions: trends and challenges
  • Overcoming barriers to adoption
  • Use cases that can benefit from big data and AI
  • Open source platforms that can kick-start your big data and AI initiative