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A practical guide to IoT lifecycle management

Best practices to plan, implement and operate IoT projects

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is moving out of standard support in April 2023. If you are a device manufacturer, learn your options.

The Internet of Things promises significant growth in the next decades. While its potential has attracted big investments, many are yet to see corresponding returns. How can new and existing businesses successfully deliver on their customer promise in a cost-effective way? The answer lies in having a long-term view.

This guide discusses success factors across the entire lifecycle of an IoT project. From inception to fruition, there are many challenges to be solved and different tradeoffs to consider. Learning how to quickly solve problems and iterate will help you improve your existing and future IoT projects.

What can I learn from this guide?

  • What to expect when starting a new IoT initiative.
  • Defining success across the different stages of the lifecycle: how to plan, implement, operate and retire.
  • How long-term vision and planning help you maximize your returns.
  • Continuous improvement as a way to be more adaptable and efficient.
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