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4 ways to accelerate time to market for IoT devices

A guide for manufacturers looking to speed up innovation at lower costs

IoT has a bright future. Industry analysts 451 Research say that by 2024, the IoT market opportunity will be worth $658bn. They predict that there will be nearly 14 billion connected devices in the same period.

The last five years have seen some maturity within the industry too; “winners” are emerging in key consumer IoT use-cases. Amazon’s Alexa-enabled range of devices has successfully infiltrated millions of homes and the Apple Watch is worn by sports enthusiasts and CEOs alike.

However, studies by Gartner have shown that 75% of IoT projects take longer than expected. A recent Cisco study also found that 33% of IoT projects fail. This guide analyses the top reasons behind this trend: slow decision making, technical complexity and business uncertainty.

Download the guide to discover 4 practical solutions to these problems, covering:

  • Best practices for selecting hardware
  • Infrastructure recommendations
  • Embedded operating systems, optimised for IoT
  • Making use of specialist talent
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