CPU compatibility matrix for Ubuntu

The CPU compatibility matrix for Ubuntu and related products. The matrix shows which Ubuntu LTS version introduces an initial support for a given processor or chipset. Canonical recommends running the latest LTS release to take advantage of the full capabilities of a CPU.

products hero ubuntu
AMD EPYC 7xx3 Milan (Zen 3) 18.04.5
EPYC 7xx2 Milan (Zen 2) 16.04.5
EPYC 7xx1 Milan (Zen 1) 16.04.5
Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids 20.04.2
Xeon Ice Lake (SP) 18.04
Xeon Cooper Lake 18.04

Supported OpenStack versions

OpenStack release cadence follows Ubuntu release cadence. This means that a new version of OpenStack is released twice a year: in April and in October. Those are shipped with new versions of Ubuntu, however, since Canonical recommends using Ubuntu LTS in production environments, new versions of OpenStack are also available on Ubuntu LTS version through the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.

The OpenStack support lifecycle on Ubuntu can be represented this way:

Release Tech preview Released End of life Extended customer support Extended Security Maintenance (ESM)
OpenStack Y LTS   Apr 2022 Apr 2027   Apr 2032
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS   Apr 2022 Apr 2027   Apr 2032
OpenStack Y   Apr 2022 Apr 2025    
OpenStack Xena   Oct 2021 Apr 2023    
OpenStack W   Apr 2021 Oct 2022 Apr 2024  
OpenStack Victoria   Oct 2020 Apr 2022    
OpenStack Ussuri LTS Apr 2020 May 2020 Apr 2025   Apr 2030
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS   Apr 2020 Apr 2025   Apr 2030
OpenStack Ussuri Apr 2020 May 2020 Apr 2023    
OpenStack Train   Aug 2019 Feb 2021    
OpenStack Stein   Apr 2019 Oct 2020 Apr 2022  
OpenStack Rocky   Aug 2018 Feb 2020    
OpenStack Queens LTS   Apr 2018 Apr 2023   Apr 2028
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS   Apr 2018 Apr 2023   Apr 2028
OpenStack Queens   Feb 2018 Apr 2021    
OpenStack Mitaka LTS   Apr 2016 Apr 2021   Apr 2024
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   Apr 2016 Apr 2021   Apr 2024