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Cloud and server uses Ubuntu to bring IBM POWER8 to thepublic cloud

by Canonical on 9 June 2015

The German IT company specializes in providing linux, hosting, cloud and web development services. In 2014, created the brand “teutoStack“...


Ubuntu delivers a bulletproof media production platform

by Canonical on 10 February 2015

Ubuntu has transformed the ability of Carbonado Intermedia and Auteuristic to remain lean and yet deliver its digital content both on time and on budget....

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Cloud and server

Datacentres in Containers, and Containers in Datacentres

by Jorge O. Castro on 28 January 2015

From months to one week: How IIJ is shipping OpenStack Clouds quicker with MAAS and Juju Technologies that enable companies to move quickly in the cloud are...


Meeting evolving IT needs at the University of Nantes, France

by Canonical on 2 September 2014

Challenge Universities have diverse computing needs. There are full-time students, part-time students, teaching staff, technical staff and administrators to...


Bukwang Pharmaceuticals cut IT costs and created business value with Ubuntu

by Canonical on 31 July 2014

Challenge Bukwang Pharmaceuticals has been developing and manufacturing drugs and personal hygiene products in South Korea since 1960. Today, it has over 600...


Ubuntu and open source help the City of Munich save millions

by Canonical on 7 July 2014

Challenge Munich is the third-largest city in Germany, with approximately 1.5 million inhabitants. The local governing body employs more than 33,000 people –...


An Ubuntu PC for everyone in Penn Manor School District

by Canonical on 25 March 2014

Challenge With just 400 Macbooks shared among 1,725 students and ever-changing educational needs, Penn Manor school district needed more than just replacement...


Ubuntu helps millions of Indian students to learn

by Canonical on 4 December 2013

Ubuntu and its hardware partners like HP are at the forefront of supplying computers to Indian students. Government in India understands that IT literacy will...

Cloud and server

Cyberport offers innovative cloud-based services for Hong Kong’s technology entrepreneurs

by Canonical on 21 May 2013

OpenStack and Ubuntu provide secure, cost-effective cloud infrastructure Summary To give local start-ups and entrepreneurs access to infrastructure and...

Cloud and server

Bancard streamlines PCI compliance with Canonical’s Landscape

by Canonical on 21 September 2012

Landscape centralises management of Ubuntu servers to increase efficiency and support compliance with financial industry regulations Summary NA Bancard...


Server Density deploys Ubuntu to deliver server and website monitoring as a service

by Canonical on 21 September 2012

Ubuntu helps Server Density developers innovate services, streamline server admin and increase security Summary Server Density delivers server and website...