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WSLConf: Sessions Part 2 – DevOps on WSL and more

This article was last updated 1 year ago.

This is the second blog in our series releasing the WSLConf recordings. Be sure you check out the first blog here. You can also subscribe to our celebrateubuntu YouTube channel to stay up to date with the fresh content and features that will be released soon.

Earlier this year, Canonical had the pleasure of hosting WSLConf, a virtual conference dedicated to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The conference highlighted ideas and projects from presenters from around the globe with attendees from at least eight different time zones.  Equally staggering was the variety in applications that was demonstrated through presentation content on everything from app development, infosec, devops, IoT, and beyond.

20.04 LTS Release is now available

Our new 20.04 LTS is now available in the Microsoft store. It is designed with the future in mind and is, therefore, the perfect pair for WSL2. If you would like to continue to use WSL (1) we would recommend not updating to the 20.04 LTS at this time. However, with WSL2, you access a Linux kernel running on Hyper-V technology. With WSL2, you’ll find significant speed and network improvements. To see WSL2 in action, check out the highlighted sessions from WSLConf below.

Highlighted sessions:

Inside Docker Desktop with WSL2

Watch a presentation from Simon Feroquel, Senior Software Engineer at Docker, to go deep into the architecture of Docker for Desktop on WSL2. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the unique WSL2 features and how to build WSL distros using LinuxKit. Additionally, you’ll learn about what has changed since Docker’s first Technical Preview.

Update on the new Windows terminal

Through a condensed demo, see the updates, Kayla Cinnamon, Program Manager at Microsoft, and her team have made on the new Windows Terminal. Learn about all of the new features and customisations you can make for an experience that’s catered for you. For more details, also check out her most recent blog post here, that previews the v0.11 release.

DevOps on WSL

Watch as Aaron Kulbe leverages WSL for his entire devops workflow. His presentation goes into detail on how he uses WSL to support cloud management and automation.

Unleash your IoT

Join Francesco Valerio Buccoli from Microsoft and Marco Dal Pino from Projest SpA as they demonstrate how WSL can impact IoT (Internet of Things) development. Their demos will show how easy it is to integrate a set of Linux tools for IoT into a development pipeline, as part of an industrial process that makes devices ready to be used. To achieve this, you will leverage containerised solutions hosted on Azure, along with standard IoT industry tools, driven by Visual Studio Code and GitHub.

New to WSL?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install a complete Ubuntu terminal environment in minutes on Windows 10.

How to install Ubuntu on WSL

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