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Ubuntu Server Development Summary – 15 Aug 2017

Hello Ubuntu Server!

The purpose of this communication is to provide a status update and highlights for any interesting subjects from the Ubuntu Server Team. If you would like to reach the server team, you can find us at the #ubuntu-server channel on Freenode. Alternatively, you can sign up and use the Ubuntu Server Team mailing list.

Spotlight: cloud-init at DebConf17

Josh on the cloud-init team presented at DebConf17 last week. His talk included an introduction to how cloud-init works and then an overview of recent developments made by the team. Replay is available on the DebConf17 website.

cloud-init and curtin


  • Update to capabilities documentation to include CLI interface features.
  • Fix AWS NVMe ephemeral storage setup (LP: #1672833)
  • Fix EC2 datasource moved to init-local stage (LP: #1709772)
  • Fix v2 yaml preserving bond/bridge parameters when rendering (LP: #1709180)
  • Added meetingology bot to IRC channel for bi-weekly meeting


  • Update vmtest to purge symlinks from output collection due to missing links
  • Update Jenkins artifact collection regex

git ubuntu

As a reminder, links to the first two posts in the ‘git ubuntu’ series are below.

Recently there was also a discussion on ubuntu-devel as to what tags expected when using git ubuntu.

Bug Work and Triage

IRC Meeting

Ubuntu Server Packages

Below is a summary of uploads to the development and supported releases. Current status of the Debian to Ubuntu merges is tracked on the Merge-o-Matic page. For a full list of recent merges with change logs please see the Ubuntu Server report.

Uploads to the Development Release (Artful)

asterisk, 1:13.14.1~dfsg-2ubuntu4, costamagnagianfranco
asterisk, 1:13.14.1~dfsg-2ubuntu3, costamagnagianfranco
byobu, 5.121-0ubuntu1, kirkland
dpdk, 17.05.1-2, None
golang-context, 1.1-2ubuntu1, mwhudson
golang-github-gorilla-mux, 1.1-3ubuntu1, mwhudson
golang-github-mattn-go-colorable, 0.0.6-1ubuntu7, mwhudson
golang-github-mattn-go-sqlite3, 1.2.0+git20170802.105.6654e41~dfsg1-1ubuntu1, mwhudson
golang-github-pborman-uuid, 0.0+git20150824.0.cccd189-1ubuntu9, mwhudson
golang-gocapability-dev, 0.0~git20160928.0.e7cb7fa-1ubuntu2, mwhudson
golang-gopkg-flosch-pongo2.v3, 3.0+git20141028.0.5e81b81-0ubuntu9, mwhudson
golang-gopkg-inconshreveable-log15.v2, 2.11+git20150921.0.b105bd3-0ubuntu12, mwhudson
golang-gopkg-lxc-go-lxc.v2, 0.0~git20161126.1.82a07a6-0ubuntu5, mwhudson
golang-gopkg-tomb.v2, 0.0~git20161208.0.d5d1b58-1ubuntu2, mwhudson
golang-petname, 2.7-0ubuntu2, mwhudson
golang-x-text, 0.0~git20170627.0.6353ef0-1ubuntu1, mwhudson
golang-yaml.v2, 0.0+git20170407.0.cd8b52f-1ubuntu1, mwhudson
libvirt, 3.6.0-1ubuntu1, paelzer
libvirt-python, 3.5.0-1build1, mwhudson
lxc, 2.0.8-0ubuntu4, doko
markupsafe, 1.0-1build1, mwhudson
mod-wsgi, 4.5.17-1, None
mongodb, 1:3.4.7-1, None
nagios-nrpe, 3.2.0-4ubuntu1, nacc
numactl, 2.0.11-2.1, None
php-defaults, 54ubuntu1, nacc
php7.1, 7.1.8-1ubuntu1, nacc
pwgen, 2.08-1, None
pylibmc, 1.5.2-1build1, mwhudson
python-cffi, 1.9.1-2build2, doko
python-django, 1:1.11.4-1ubuntu1, vorlon
python-gevent, 1.1.2-build2, mwhudson
python-sysv-ipc, 0.6.8-2build4, mwhudson
python-tornado, 4.5.1-2.1~build2, mwhudson
requests, 2.18.1-1, None
urwid, 1.3.1-2ubuntu2, doko
Total: 36

Uploads to Supported Releases (Trusty, Xenial, Yakkety, Zesty)

cgroup-lite, trusty, 1.11~ubuntu14.04.3, serge-hallyn
libapache2-mod-auth-pgsql, zesty, 2.0.3-6.1ubuntu0.17.04.1, racb
libapache2-mod-auth-pgsql, xenial, 2.0.3-6.1ubuntu0.16.04.1, racb
libapache2-mod-auth-pgsql, trusty, 2.0.3-6ubuntu0.1, racb
libseccomp, trusty, 2.1.1-1ubuntu1~trusty4, mvo
libvirt, trusty, 1.2.2-0ubuntu13.1.21, paelzer
libvirt, xenial, 1.3.1-1ubuntu10.13, paelzer
libvirt, zesty, 2.5.0-3ubuntu5.4, paelzer
logcheck, xenial, 1.3.17ubuntu0.1, nacc
logcheck, trusty, 1.3.16ubuntu0.1, nacc
lxc, trusty, 2.0.8-0ubuntu1~14.04.1, stgraber
lxcfs, trusty, 2.0.7-0ubuntu1~14.04.1, stgraber
lxd, trusty, 2.0.10-0ubuntu1~14.04.1, stgraber
lxd, zesty, 2.16-0ubuntu2~ubuntu17.04.1, stgraber
lxd, xenial, 2.16-0ubuntu2~ubuntu16.04.1, stgraber
maas, xenial, 2.2.2-6099-g8751f91-0ubuntu1~16.04.1, andreserl
maas, zesty, 2.2.2-6099-g8751f91-0ubuntu1~17.04.1, andreserl
mongodb, xenial, 1:2.6.10-0ubuntu1.1, nacc
php5, trusty, 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.22, mdeslaur
php5, trusty, 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.22, mdeslaur
php7.0, zesty, 7.0.22-0ubuntu0.17.04.1, mdeslaur
php7.0, xenial, 7.0.22-0ubuntu0.16.04.1, mdeslaur
php7.0, xenial, 7.0.22-0ubuntu0.16.04.1, mdeslaur
php7.0, zesty, 7.0.22-0ubuntu0.17.04.1, mdeslaur
pollinate, trusty, 4.25-0ubuntu1~14.04.1, smoser
pollinate, xenial, 4.25-0ubuntu1~16.04.1, smoser
postfix, xenial, 3.1.0-3ubuntu0.1, nacc
samba, zesty, 2:4.5.8+dfsg-0ubuntu0.17.04.5, costamagnagianfranco
samba, zesty, 2:4.5.8+dfsg-0ubuntu0.17.04.5, costamagnagianfranco
ubuntu-advantage-tools, trusty, 2, vorlon
ubuntu-advantage-tools, xenial, 2, vorlon
ubuntu-advantage-tools, zesty, 2, vorlon
Total: 32

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