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Ubuntu Masters 3: the community expands

This article is more than 3 years old.

What is Ubuntu Masters?

The Ubuntu Masters conference stemmed from a vision to bring the engineering community together to freely exchange innovative ideas, in the spirit of open source. After two hugely successful conferences, connecting IT teams across industries and countries, and featuring speakers from innovators such as Adobe, Netflix, Roblox, and more, Ubuntu Masters returns on June 30th.

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Rather than letting the current limitations on travel and social interaction get in the way, we are hosting Ubuntu Masters 3 as a virtual event, taking this opportunity to grow the community more than ever before, and offer live access to thousands of attendees for free.

As always, we made sure to invite some of the most creative technology minds to lead the conversations throughout the day. This time, we have the honour of welcoming speaker from Scania, Domotz, and Plus One Robotics.

Here’s what you can expect on the 30th:

Ubuntu Masters 3 schedule

2-3pm BST: Domotz – Streamlined provisioning of IoT devices; creating a reliable management platform

Giancarlo Fanelli, CTO & Andrea Rossali, Senior DevOps Engineer

As a leading provider of RMM solutions (Remote Monitoring and Management), Domotz’s business relies on the Agent component to scan the network, communicate data to the cloud, and act as a remote access point for that network. After careful consideration, they chose to develop custom hardware based on Ubuntu Core OS to host their Agent software. To overcome challenges along the way, Domotz built their own management platform to provision and orchestrate their fleet.

In this presentation, they explain how you can build a similar platform and highlight the key decisions they made throughout the process.

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3:30-4:40pm BST: Plus One Robotics – The open (source) road to smart robots: supplementing AI with Human Intelligence

Zachary Keeton, Yonder Group Lead

When three roboticists started a company around cloud-connected robots, they needed to get to market quickly while preserving precious startup capital. Learn how they leveraged Ubuntu, Kubernetes, full-stack JavaScript, and other open source offerings to evolve their cloud architecture from MVP into the scalable, cloud-agnostic system it is today while on a startup budget.

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5-6pm BST: Scania – Mastering multicloud with SLURM and Juju

Erik Lönroth, Tech Lead HPC & Open Source Forum Chairman

Erik Lönroth has been technical manager for HPC data centres for about a decade now and will share his knowledge within the field with you here. During the session, he will go through the various components of an HPC cluster and how he utilises Juju and SLURM to achieve a flexible setup in multiple clouds. He will also be available for an open discussion around the rationale and values that comes out of his approach.

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Ubuntu Masters community benefits 

1. Unlimited educational videos

The aim of Ubuntu Masters is solely to contribute to the community and advance innovative thinking in the tech space. That’s why all the presentations of the conference are geared towards educating and inspiring one another with our stories, rather than pitching products and brands. It’s also why the event is free and open to all, and speaker session recordings are openly available on the Ubuntu Youtube channel.

2. Interaction with industry leaders

On the day of the event, you can expect to interact with both the guest speakers and the Ubuntu team. After their presentations, speakers will be interviewed by technical experts of the Ubuntu team, and questions coming in live from the audience will be incorporated into the conversation.

3. Community networking

Additionally, you’re already able to connect and begin discussion with your peers and fellow attendees on the dedicated Ubuntu Masters Telegram channel. On the day of the event, members of the Ubuntu team will also be available to provide you with valuable information and answer your questions.

4. Free helpful resources

All speaker sessions will be accompanied by free resources (such as ebooks, webinars, helpful links) relevant to the topic at hand. These will remain accessible to all live and on-demand attendees even after the sessions have aired.

How can I contribute to the community?

The Ubuntu Masters conference is seasonal, but our aim to share ideas is not. We encourage anyone who wishes to contribute a useful tutorial to publish it freely on the Ubuntu Tutorials Library so that everyone can access and learn from it. 

See you all on the 30th!

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