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Canonical & Ubuntu at Open Infrastructure Summit 2020

This article was last updated 1 year ago.

When is Open Infrastructure Summit 2020: October 19th-23rd
Where: Everywhere! This year’s OIS is virtual.

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This year we’ve probably used the word ‘unprecedented’ almost as often as we’ve said ‘Linux’ and yet life must go on, and certainly so does tech. That’s why we were so thrilled to hear that Open Infrastructure Summit (OIS) will indeed take place this year too (virtually of course) – especially considering how solid the interest around OpenStack is today, and Canonical’s ongoing commitment to this technology and community.

As the OpenStack Summit’s became the Open Infrastructure Summit, the community’s focus has begun to broaden; in addition to traditional data centre infrastructure, you will be able to learn about micro clouds for edge use cases and open operators to run your infrastructure as code.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Keynote by Mark Shuttleworth
  • Operator day: 3 training sessions hosted at various times for Asia, EMEA, and Americas
  • Breakout Session: Putting OpenStack at the edge
  • Canonical booth and demos
  • A number of technical sessions run by Canonical experts

Canonical’s Open Infrastructure 2020 Keynote

When: Monday, October 19th

This year, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth will be joining the community again to set the tone for the event with a few words on where the future of open infrastructure is headed. In his presentation, Mark will address the open infrastructure use cases that characterised the past, and what demands he forecasts for the upcoming decade. Join him to hear what use cases the tech sector should be preparing for, how Canonical is building its roadmap around them, and the essential relevance of MicroStack – Canonical’s solution for OpenStack at the edge.

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Breakout Session: MicroStack – putting OpenStack at the edge

When: Monday, October 19th, 10:45am-11:15 PST

Tytus Kurek, product manager at Canonical, will introduce the community to MicroStack – the first OpenStack “on rails” solution for micro clouds. MicroStack can be installed across 40+ Linux distributions and configured by simply running 2 commands. MicroStack uses OVN as an SDN and supports clustering which makes it ideal for edge deployment. Tytus will be available for live Q&A to at the presentation so make sure to be there promptly and watch it live!

Canonical’s demos for OIS 2020: see them on the Canonical booth

As always, we’ll make as many resources as possible available for attendees on our booth -including whitepapers, product collateral, videos, and of course demos. We do encourage you to pre-book a live, personalised demo and conversation with one of our engineers, or just come visit us through the booth video-call function. If you’re not feeling chatty we’ve still got you covered! Here are a few on-demand demos you can look forward to:

  • OpenStack at the edge: MicroStack based micro-cloud running Kubernetes workloads
  • Ceph at the edge: MicroK8s based micro cloud with Ceph persistent storage
  • Telco Edge – Bare metal provisioning for micro cloud with LXD & MAAS & Ceph
  • Kata at the edge: MicroK8s based micro cloud with Kata container workloads
  • Charmed OpenStack and remote Nova compute

Operator day, hosted by Canonical

When: Thursday, October 22nd

Operators simplify everyday application management on Kubernetes. That’s why, with the growing interest surrounding K8s both in developer communities and the enterprise, operators are more relevant than ever.

At Open Infrastructure Summit 2020, Canonical will be hosting a live, interactive Operator Training Day, to help you learn how to use operators and how to create them in Python. We’re all in on the Open Operator Manifesto, working to create a community-driven collection of operators.

The training will repeat in 3 time zone friendly slots, for Asia, EMEA and Americas. Each block will start with a keynote introduction with Mark Shuttleworth, followed by hands-on training by the Canonical engineering team, and then community discussion.

N.B. We’re reserving a generous number of rare 20.04 Focal Fossa release T-shirts for our trainee friends so make sure to RSVP and book your spot on time!

Canonical’s Open Infrastructure Summit 2020 Technical Sessions

When: Please check individual sessions’ times

In addition to our formal sponsor participation throughout the event, our team members are presenting a number of submissions to share with the community everything they know about the topics they’re personally most passionate about. Take a reinvigorating shot of open infra how-to’s by joining their 30 minute sessions.

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We look forward to seeing you there and can’t wait to hear what you’d like to learn from us at OIS this time!

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