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Ubuntu at DebConf 2023


on 7 September 2023

It is safe to say that there would be no Ubuntu without Debian. Canonical is a long time supporter of Debian, and a Gold sponsor of DebConf this year. On top of the sponsorship, many Ubuntu developers and Canonical engineers are going to speak at DebConf.

Till Kamppeter will show us The New Architecture for Printing and Scanning on Debian in a dedicated talk. He is also going to share his experience of running events and inspiring more contributors with his session Opportunity Open Source conference in the IIT Mandi, India: Motivating people to be a part of us!

Sergio Durigan Junior, Athos Ribeiro, and Lucas Kanashiro are going to host a session where you can Meet (part of) the Ubuntu Server team. They will share how the Ubuntu Server team operates, how they handle responsibility for such a vital platform and  their plans on how to foster a great relationship between Debian and Ubuntu.

Lukas Märdian is going to take us on a journey with A declarative approach to Linux networking with Netplan

Lucas Kanashiro and Utkarsh Gupta will host the annual Ruby team BoF, where they will update us on what was done, and what still needs doing, by the Debian Ruby team.

Lucas Kanashiro is going to be back on the stage to showcase The Docker(.io) ecosystem in Debian. This talk will demonstrate what was done to provide a good Docker experience in Debian, and collect feedback and ideas on how to improve it further.

There are many more interesting sessions at DebConf this year, far too many to list them all here. I recommend that you head to the conference site and have a look at the schedule, which will also include links to the video streams. or watch live from

DebConf 2023 is hosted in Kochi, southwest India, and the organisers have lined up several  interesting social events for the conference. You can check them out in the About page of the conference website.

Kochi is the largest city in the state of Kerala, it has a rich and diverse history. Kochi harbor acted as the gateway to the area since the 14th century, and it contributed to the diversity of culture, cuisine, architecture. You can read more about the amazing city of Kochi on this or other tourism oriented websites.

DebConf is a great community event and it’s extremely important for the future of both Debian and Ubuntu. You will be able to get important updates, learn useful skills, attend inspiring talks, meet many great contributors and representatives from influential projects from all over the world. I encourage you to support Debian by sharing some love for DebConf, attend the event in person or remotely, get some merchandise, get involved or support Debian financially.

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